Washington Wellness

Now Offering Group Exercise Classes at our H Street Location

Classes will be held at our H street location at 7:30 pm or our Mass Ave location at 6pm. Please email classes@washingtonwellnesspt.com to inquire about the class that you are interested in. 

Foam Rolling Classes
Foam rolling classes a will take your recovery to a new level. Spend 60 minutes alleviating muscle pain and soreness. Foam rolling has been shown to increase joint range of motion, improve muscular force output and facilitate a decrease in postworkout soreness. Come see how foam rolling can improve your recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

Pricing: $25/class


Pilates Mat Classes
Pilates mat classes are offered at two levels- Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced. Pilates classes are completed on the mat without apparatus and are designed to strengthen your core, tone your body, increase flexibility, and promote body awareness and control. Our classes are designed to enhance your recovery, maintain the gains you have made in physical therapy, and prevent future injuries. Classes are 50 minutes in length and will be taught by a licensed physical therapist.

Pricing: $25/class


Recovery Pump Service
Recovery Pump Service: Using RecoveryPump as a relaxing, invigorating massage before you exercise will increase circulation and can help to get you into the workout more quickly. Suggested treatment time is 30 minutes before your workout. Or, use RecoveryPump for a relaxing massage at the end of the day, or after exercise, to relax and soothe tired, aching muscles. Generally, we recommend 30-45 minutes after working out or in the evening after going about your daily activities. The RecoveryPump console takes air from the room environment and sends it through hoses into four individual air chambers inside the RecoveryPump garment. The Sequential cycle mode applies a directional massage that starts at the base of the treated area, and progresses upwards towards the torso and then releases. This applies a deep, slow massage.

35 min: $25
45 min: $35

Slots to secure our Recovery Pump Service will be on a first come, first serve availability. Please email blair@washingtonwellnesspt.com to secure your spot!


All sign ups must by made by 4pm the day of class.  

Please arrive 5 minutes early to each class. Wear comfortable clothing, bring water and a mat.
Please email or call 202-347-2373 if you cannot be present at a class 48 hours in advance.
You may email classes@washingtonwellnesspt.com.